Interior Landscaping

Our Interior Landscaping Design & Maintenance Division technicians create and maintain an aesthetically pleasing setting for your company. Each visit by our Technicians is verified with a signed receipt by an appointed representative from your company. The receipt describes the maintenance that was performed and the amount of time that was spent at your location.

Interior Landscaping Design & Maintenance
Interior Landscaping Design & Maintenance
Interior Landscaping Design & Maintenance

Maintenance Includes

Interior Landscaping Watering
Our technicians manually test soil prior to watering to ensure proper moisture levels. Fertilizer is applied seasonally to promote healthy foliage, creating vibrant color and attractive displays.

Interior Landscaping Detailing
Maintenance professionals will remove all aged or faded foliage from your displays, discarding any debris or unsightly material from planters. Your interior arrangements will remain striking as well as tidy.

Interior Landscaping Trimming
Trees and plants will be trimmed and shaped as needed to maintain a uniform appearance. Our conscientious staff is equipped to trim trees and plants from six to sixty feet in height.

Interior Landscaping Dusting
Leaves are dusted and shined regularly. This important aspect of our service contributes to a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Interior Landscaping Pest Control
Our greenhouses are stocked with pest-free plants transported from Florida. Plants with pests will be discarded, and if a pest problem is present in an existing plantscape, our licensed technicians are equipped to handle to situation.

Interior Landscaping Seasonal Flowers
Design specialists will provide flowering plants that complement your business environment. Seasonal displays may include beautiful arrangements of Bromeliads, Kalanchoe, Poinsettias and Mums among other available flowering plants.

Service to Our Customers

  • Any plant that fails through negligence or oversight on the part of our maintenance technicians will be replaced.
  • Each visit is verified with a receipt signed by your company’s designated contact. This receipt describes the maintenance that has been performed and the amount of time spent on your property.

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